The Gyrotonic Exercise System for MSD Sufferers

The Gyrotonic exercise system is specifically created to reduce stress to the joints, improve posture, and stimulate better coordination. This system allows your body to move smoothly and naturally without jarring or compression. Such exercises can become an integral part of physical therapy for the patients with MSDs (Musculoskeletal disorders).

What is Gyrotonics?

Gyrotonics is a system that includes elements of yoga, dance, gymnastics, tai chi, and swimming. The main difference between these practices and Gyrotonics is a specially designed wooden machine with a set of rotational discs and pulleys with weights.

The Gyrotonic machine facilitates the patient’s movements that make exercising easier and more enjoyable. This system can be a great choice for people suffering from muscle strains and sports injuries. Gyrotonics also includes a breathing technique similar to yoga. Each movement is accompanied by specific breathing.

In order to understand the benefits of the system and start seeing the results, you should do the exercises on a regular basis at least once a week. The first results can be seen after about 5 – 7 sessions.

The system combines relaxation and tension by allowing you to relax your mind while developing new physical skills. It’s often hard to master in a short amount of time. Gyrotonics helps exercise the joints, stimulate acupuncture points, strengthen muscles, and improve health.

What Are The Benefits of Gyrotonics?

While Gyrotonics is useful for everyone, people with MSDs can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. Stretching and strengthening of the muscles
  2. Improved posture
  3. Tension relief in the whole body
  4. Improved muscle and joint flexibility
  5. Improved range of motion
  6. Increased body strength
  7. Improved coordination
  8. Improved balance and stability
  9. Articulated spine
  10. Reduced joint stress
  11. Injury prevention
  12. Rehabilitation

Why Use Gyrotonics for MSDs

People who are suffering from muscle and joint pain, chronic injuries or recovering from a recent injury can benefit from this physical therapy system. All exercises in the Gyrotonic system begin at the spine, which is connected to the rest of the body’s system.

Regular Gyrotonic exercise may reduce muscle tension and alleviate chronic pain for patients suffering from MSDs. This exercise system can deal with the following problems:

  • Intervertebral disc problems as well as other back conditions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscular imbalance
  • Meniscus and ligament injuries
  • Muscle tension

Besides easing tension, relieving pain, and reducing stress, Gyrotonics can improve the overall health condition and strengthen your body to avoid further MSDs. It’s a perfect preventive measure for people prone to such disorders.

The Disadvantages of Gyrotonics

Even though Gyrotonics seem to be one of the most useful alternative therapies for patients with MSDs, there are a few disadvantages.

  • The Gyrotonics classes are pricey. They may cost 1.5 times as much as yoga and Pilates classes
  • Gyrotonics is not common. Experienced Gyrotonics coaches are hard to find.
  • The Gyrotonic exercise system is usually taught on an individual basis, so there are no group classes.
  • Gyrotonic exercises may be hard to learn. The system requires commitment and patience.

Even though the Gyrotonic exercise system doesn’t have any substantial side effects, please, consult your doctor before signing up for a class. .